Richness and demand

Company objectives

Peyrat Associés & Cie is primarily Cognac oriented with three objectives:

  1. To establish Peyrat Cognac on the major markets.
  1. To offer a large range of vintage Cognacs.
  1. To develop its distribution of exclusive Single Vineyard Cognacs.

Company assets

Peyrat is the company main brand. Its name comes from Corrèze where Peyrat’s family has its roots. The brand name belongs to the company and is fully registered.

  1. With Peyrat Cognac the company has a traditional approach with a range of classic qualities VS, VSOP, XO packed in attractive bottles and decanters.
  1. Peyrat Associés & Cie has built up solid business links with major distributors in countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia and the United States…
  1. In the Cognac field Peyrat Associés & Cie is the only company to offer a range of Single Vineyards Cognacs. This is a unique concept in the Cognac region more like Châteaux wines.