A family history

Historical background, The Founder, Henri Peyrat (1885 – 1969)

Grandfather of the present owner he settled up a business of wines and spirits in the early 1900s.

Henri Peyrat was born in 1885 in Corrèze – France. After his higher grade he came to Cognac to find a job. Native from a forest region he started to work for a cooperage company and soon developed great interest for wine.

He established his own company just after the First World War and rapidly became a well-known local wine merchant. His wines were coming from all regions of France, particularly Bordeaux, Southern France and also Algeria. The company cellars and management offices were established in the centre of Cognac town.

Henri Peyrat’s main concern was to establish solid links with wine growers and major wine suppliers in order to have a consistent source of supply.

His business activity grew constantly for over thirty years and was taken over by his son Jean Peyrat in 1948. The company then became more and more involved in export not only for wines but also for Cognac.

One of his two sons Henri joined the company in 1968 to take in charge all export activity of the Cognac markets. His younger son Philippe is today in charge. His daughter Clémence joined the company and is the charge of Marketing and Communication.