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Ingredients for 1 person

4 cl cognac
4 thin strips of ginger
1 zest of limes
6 cl lemonade ( soda , Sprite , 7up )
peel cucumbers


• Realize the recipe “Summit” directly in the glass.

• Remove the ginger slices and lemon peel in the glass . Add 2 cl of cognac and lightly press 2 to 3 times ginger with a pestle. Place 4 or 5 ice cubes and stir 5 seconds with a spoon. Pour again 2 cl Cognac and add the lemonade and the cucumber peel. Stir 5 seconds with a spoon.

• Serve in a glass type ” old fashioned “.

• Preferably use a Peyrat cognac VS or VSOP , fresh ginger and artisanal lemonade.

Cognac Collins

Ingredients for 1 person

2 cl Cognac
1,5 cl fresh lemon juice
1,5 cl cane sugar syrup
9 cl soda water
4 ice cubes
1 lemon


Place the ice cubes into a tall glass

Pour in the Cognac, fresh lemon juice, cane sugar syrup and the soda water.

Stir well for 5 seconds using a bar spoon.

Garnish with lemon.

Source : BNIC

Cognac Champagne

Ingrédients for 1 person

2 cl cognac
10 cl champagne
2 dashes raspberry liqueur
1 bunch of gooseberries


Pour the Cognac and the raspberry liqueur into a Champagne flute

Fill with chilled Champagne

Garnish with the bunch of gooseberries

Note: you can replace the raspberry liqueur with some crushed raspberries for a less sweet drink.

Source : Madame Figaro